Castro appears in Kumasi sports stadium… to possessed fans, spectators

Castro appears in Kumasi sports stadium… to possessed fans, spectators

It was an apparition, which turned monstrous eventually in an anti-climatic manner.
The appearance of the famed musician, declared missing was surreal at the Baba Yara stadium, Kumasi in a rehearsal ahead of the tawdry black stars – Uganda CAN 2015 qualifiers at the Baba yara sports stadium in Kumasi, fans as if possessed by the spirit of the now fabled musician’s appearance, heckled, jeered, taunted and enquired from the skipper of the stars ‘WHERE is CASTRO’ each time he made a touch of the ball.
The fans chorused in their request in tone so remarkably close to that of Castro, leaving many wondering if the missing musician had not possessed them’’ wondered a fan.

As fate would have it, the Ashanti regional editor of Daily Graphic was to bear the brunt of an assault at the hands of thugs inspired by the skipper’s brother.

The editors who has brusquely asked as a press conference if the skipper has indeed performed a ritual with the musician was set upon and beaten to pulp.

Such was the immense influence of the Castro surreal apparition in Kumasi; tongues are wagging if the prolific musician will leave the stars and indeed the skipper alone in subsequent encounters.

Perhaps the team is jinxed post Castro disappearance.

credits: The Briefing,

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