Desperate lady who placed marriage curse on Don Jazzy speaks


Desperate lady who placed marriage curse on Don Jazzy speaksThere is nothing people would not do to get famous even if it means using Don Jazzy as the scapegoat. Do you still remember Olaide Abisola, who vowed that if Don Jazzy doesn’t marry her she would not get married to any other man?

She didn’t stop here, she even placed curse on Don Jazzy, saying he won’t be able to marry any other woman if he didn’t marry her.

Finally, she has spoken on why she did that. “My dear, it’s actually a joke, but look at the way it went viral! Yes, I’m not kidding it was a joke. I actually wanted the fame and I got it, I just want to be known because I’m going into acting soon”, she said.

To her critics , she said “Thanks for the fame, just what I needed. To all my haters out there enjoy your noon with this, more comments please. They are just fooling themselves, all the insults no remove one hair for my body, jobless people”


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