Ghana wins the ‘Jollof war’ No more Ghana vs Nigeria Jollof

Ghana wins the 'Jollof war' No more Ghana vs Nigeria JollofThe endless war between Ghana and Nigeria over who best prepares the rich orange-red looking delicacy, “jollof” remains, this time in a battle-like competition between representatives from both countries.

The question of who best prepares the meal has been the subject of fierce dispute over the years particularly between the two countries.

Jollof is one of West Africa’s beloved staple dishes prepared with rice and spicy tomato sauce. Ghana and Nigeria have in recent times argued over which of the two is a pro in terms of jollof preparation with controversial Ghanaian musician Sister Deborah joining in the battle with her song “Ghana Jollof”.

In a viral video, three groups of people, each pair with a Ghanaian and Nigerian are seen in a debate over who better prepares the jollof meal.
The debate is followed by a food tasting contest where each person is blindfolded and required to detect by the taste which plate of jollof was prepared by a Ghanaian or Nigerian after which it appears the Ghanaian plate of Jollof won the contest.

Watch Nigerians and Ghanaians battle it out in the ultimate Jollof blind taste test.

Source: Ghanaweb/Facebook

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