Hammar once told me ‘I shaa’ – Trigmatic

More and more musicians have over the years shared their bitter experience with legendary hitmaker, Edward Poku popularly known as Hammer of Da Last Two and rapper, Trigmatic is no exception.

Trigmatic was on Viasat1 and narrating his journey through the world of music, the ‘wo sika nti’ hitmaker disclosed that he went to the studios of Hammer and after an hour of rap, Hammer just looked him in the face and told him ‘he shaa.’

“I remember after an hour of rap, Hammer just told me ‘I shaa’. When I was rapping, he was just going out and coming in, and after an hour, he just said, oo you shaa’. One man in the studio was trying to convince him to consider me but he still maintained that ‘oo he shaa, this guy shaa.”

Trigmatic was full of gratitude to radio and TV personality, John Foley. According to him, Jay Foley was the one who introduced him to commercial music.

“Jay Foley was the one who introduced me to commercial music. I met him first at KNUST and then later on, at Hammer’s studio. I’m always thankful to him.”

Trigmatic after his bitter experience with Hammer, has gone ahead to win multiple awards as a musician.

Source: thebigtriceonline.com

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