I Don’t Fake Kisses In Movies – Actress Explains


i-dont-fake-kisses-in-movies-actress-explainsainmentGhanaian actress Roselyn Ngissah has confirmed she “really kisses” whenever she is on a movie set.

The actress who is part of a tour to promote new movie ‘Happily Never After’ made the statement on Viasat1’s flagship show This Morning, while responding to a question from co-host, Patrice Amegashie.

“For me, I act kissing. It all depends on what my character says. If my character says I am the best kisser, then I should deliver it,” she added.

The actress who was rumoured to be engaged and pregnant earlier this month began her movie career in 2004. She became a household name after features in ‘Housekeepers’, ‘Last President Of Ghana’, ‘Strange Marriage’, ‘Married Strangers’, ‘Adams Apple’, ‘Hidden Romance’, ‘Sex Lover’, ‘My Love My Wife’, ‘Accra Hustlers’, among others.

Directed by Kobi Rana, ‘Happily Never After’ narrates the story of two love birds who are hit by tragedy just seven days before their wedding.

Prince David Osei loses his legs and Jackie Appiah loses her sight, but irrespective of their disability, the two get married and live.

Source: viasat1.com.gh

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