I Don’t Feel Embarrassed – Sarkodie’s ‘Mystery’ Girl Speaks

I Don't Feel Embarrassed - Sarkodie's 'Mystery' Girl Speaks

For now, it’s no news that Benedicta Ofosu is the lady walked on stage at the Ghana Meets Naija Concert to ‘’worship’’ Sarkodie. She fell prostrate in-front of Sarkodie and held his feet.

This act got the crowd wondering what exactly was happening.

Within a twinkle of an eye, Sarkodie hugged Benedicta but after that harmless hug which got the audience screaming, Benedicta could not stand on her feet. She had to be held and helped off the stage by a hugely-built man.

For a brief moment, Sarkodie stopped performing and wiped off his tears as he just could not stand the love shown him. He was simply overwhelmed.

However, days after the event, industry players and music lovers are not too sure if what happened on the night was staged or real.

In this week’s edition of your favorite Flex Newspaper, the headline story captioned ‘’ Sarkodie’s Miraculous Act- Staged or Real?’’ ,Samuel Baah posed the question of whether the act was real or stage and to find out what exactly happened on the night, Pluzz 89.9 fm’s A.M Pluzz hosted Benedicta Ofosu live in the studio this morning .

Watch what Benedicta did on stage:

According to her, when Sarkodie was performing on stage, she was so much enjoying it that she had to be dancing throughout the performance.

Using her own words, she said ‘’I was feeling him so much ‘’.Benedicta, then with her cousins, thought that it would be appropriate for her to let Sarkodie know how she was feeling so she left her cousins and move straight towards the stage as Sarkodie performed. She had to force her way through the crowd before she got to Sarkodie on stage.

When asked by Sammy Flex, host of A.M Pluzz if she feels embarrassed, Benedicta stressed that she does not feel embarrassed the least but rather feels so happy.

For her, she did not know why she was moving to the stage and touching Sarkodie would have been enough for her but getting a hug instead was a gesture she never expected and it was that gesture that got her really overwhelmed .She noted that she would be happy for an opportunity to meet and have a chat with Sarkodie.

She revealed that Kwabena Kwabena is another artiste she loves so much. However when Benedicta was asked if she would love to date Sarkodie, she replied in the negative. Benedicta Ofosu is a self –employed marketing executive.

Source: Ebenezer Narh Affum

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