IWAN Pulls Out of BASS Awards

IWAN Pulls Out of BASS Awards

Information reaching NEWS-ONE indicates that Ghanaian Reggae artiste IWAN and his management have pulled out of this year’s edition of the BASS Awards.

The Reggae act had earlier written to the BASS Award board seeking clarifications on why his ‘Face of Jah’ was not nominated for the ‘Best Song Writer’ category.

According to IWAN, the board’s deliberate attempt to ignore his letter is what resulted in him pulling out of the event.

“I wrote to the board of the BASS Awards like a month ago to tell them that I have pulled out of the event unless they come out to explain to me why I was not placed in that ‘Best Song Writer’ category. Till date I haven’t received any explanation, which also means that I have pulled out of the event,” IWAN confirmed to NEWS-ONE.

Since the release of the BASS Awards nomination list, like IWAN, certain Reggae and Dancehall artistes have registered their displeasure about some categories, but organisers of the event say there are certain requirements that works submitted by these artistes are supposed to meet before they qualify to be placed in any category.

“For me I just told them that I’m pulling out and that is my last action. It has been a month and some weeks now, these people have ignored me like nothing is going on. This is clean sabotage. All I want them to do is to come out and tell the people that this is why I was not included in that category, that is the way forward. I’m not fighting for any award. They have to just come out, issue a statement or something and explain to us then people will know that what I am fighting for is relevant but they have ignored me as if to say what I’m saying is not important,” he added.

The BASS Awards, which is scheduled for August 30, is designed to award Reggae and Dancehall artistes. The event is jointly organized by Rackus Productions, Bull Haus Entertainment and Solid Multimedia.

By Nii Ogbamey Tetteh (email: [email protected] , twitter: @ogbameytetteh)

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