LOL: Guy forced to Make call with Soap

LOL: Guy forced to Make call with Soap
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We all know when it comes to buying  new or second hand phones/smartphones in Ghana the first place that comes to mind is the Kwame Nkrumah ‘Circle‘.
We all know that there are some crooks who sell stolen phones or worse they sell you ‘key soap‘ (a very popular and cheap soap sold in Ghana)

 Some people are even of the belief that some of these guys have magical powers, they will sell you a real working phone but by the time you get home it turns into a soap! Do you believe that? No I don’t.
What they actually do is, after testing the working phone and you give them the money they tell you they will wrap it for you and ask you not to open it and persuade you to put it in your pocket because there are people around who might snatch it from your hand. many out of ignorance and fear tend to obey and hold it tight in their pocket.

They only discover that what they were given is just some crap phone or soap after they are out of sight and now feel safe to check and  make sure its what they really bought or try to operate their new gadget, that’s when they(victim) realize they have been duped… and those crooks would be long gone by then. And even if  you see them and try to confront them they act as if that’s their first time of meeting you, try anything harsh and you will end up at the hospital with bruises all over.

But it seems the guy in the picture up there is an amateur in the trade who got caught while trying to swap the phone with a soap. Guess i don’t have to tell you what will happen to him, do I? Democratic slaps and beatings.

LOL: Guy forced to Make call with Soap

like Kalybos would say “Medi Nkwasiasem”

Relate your experience below if you’ve been a victim before.


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