My Clitoris Is Gone Forever – Miss Kuurimah Umuhera Ibrahim

My Clitoris Is Gone Forever - Miss Kuurimah Umuhera Ibrahim
Miss Kuurimah Umuhera Ibrahim

Miss Kuurimah Umuhera Ibrahim is a former Integrated Development Studies student of University Development Studies who has released her latest song titled Why, a collaborative musical work with Noella Wiyaala that speaks against Female Genital Mutilation (FGM) which has been in existence for years.

In an exclusive interview with Flex newspaper, she said: “The motive behind the Female Genital Mutilation, according to our elders is that, they want to prevent a lady from jumping from one man to the other to preserve her virginity till she gets married. They think the clitoris is a dirt, so when they cut it, it becomes clean. They say it’s a religion but I don’t agree with them because no religion will make women suffer. Also they talk about culture but I believe it’s not culture but rather torture.”

Kuurimah further recounted how as a young girl she went through the ordeal of female circumcision: “I was a week young when my clitoris was cut and I am now twenty five years old. My clitoris is gone forever is I speak to you. I never knew there was something like that so I lived life like any other lady but after I realized what they had taken from me, something that I can never get back, there has been sadness in me always that is why I have taken it upon myself to fight it because if we all keep mute, it will never stop. I don’t want any young girl to go through this pain.”

She stated emphatically that she has gone through a lot but she doesn’t care if she dies out of her resolve to create awareness to weed out Female Genital Mutilation from our society.

“People threaten me, attack me physically. Recently, petrol was poured on me and I was nearly burnt to death but I don’t care if I die through this. I want to fight for others so I am not scared with my decision. Besides, I am not alone but with God.

She projected that in five years, this project must have yielded positive results and also suggested that those who cut girl’s clitoris in the guise of culture should be arrested.

Source: Flex

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