Obrafour to switch Gears Rap Music to Highlife

Obrafour to switch Gears Rap Music to Highlife

Ghana’s rap legend Obrafuor aka Michael Elliot Kwabena Okyere Darko, last week told Flex newspaper in an exclusive interview at DanceStardom that he is forgoing rap for now to enter into mainstream Highlife music.

According to the rap legend, he has done a lot of songs in rap and has realized that any time he is featured on people’s songs, he does the singing often but he has noticed that his singing delivery makes him stands out.

“I am focusing on singing and I know people will accept me. I want to leave a mark,” he noted.

Obrafuor revealed to Flex newspaper that he currently is in the studio recording one of his latest tracks on the yet-to-be released album with Samini and would be ready very soon.

“I am an artiste that cherishes my listeners and I always have it in mind not to do anything at all for them but rather take my time and give them the best. I have recorded some highlife songs, but I am still not satisfied so I am still on it adding varieties to spice it up,” Obrafuor intimated.

When he was questioned about his supposed change of name that was in the news some months ago, he said, he had never done that but the truth of the matter is that, he did an album which was strictly hip hop entitled ‘Obrafoforo’ meaning ‘new life’. He said this could have been the reason why people thought he had changed his name.

Obrafuor who is also known as ‘rap sofuor’ which literary translates as ‘rap pastor’ disclosed that being the ‘rap pastor’, he tries to make his accolade manifest in his life.

“If Jesus Christ comes and takes us to his throne to enjoy everlasting life in heaven…while I live, I have to live a righteous life and win souls for Christ but I didn’t say I wanted to be a Pastor or an Apostle but rather to live the doctrines of my church for all to see,” he added.

As to being a man of God or singing gospel, Obrafuor says it’s God who will decide and that if God wants him to toe that line, it shall come to pass.

Source:FlexNews paper

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