Peter Okoye slams Nigerians who speak against the Kardashians

Peter Okoye slams Nigerians who speak against the KardashiansPeter Okoye of P Square has advised Nigerians to stop hating on the Kardashians who are really making it so big.

He advised them to go and hustle and make their own money and not to sit and condemn the family.

Peter gave a breakdown of all the financial income made by each of the Kardashians from 2015-2016 and you won’t believe it.

The most notable people with the surname Kardashian come from one Armenian-American family: They have a very crazy, chaotic, amazing family.

The Kardashian clan didn’t just one day rise up out of obscurity and take over your newsfeed. Their domination was a process, one that literally began decades ago, before reality television really started its meteoric rise


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