President Mahama Replies Sarkodie, “You Are The Most Overrated Rapper In Ghana”

President Mahama Replies Sarkodie, “You Are The Most Overrated Rapper In Ghana”
Sarkodie and President Mahama 

In an interview earlier today with Luv Fm in Kumasi, President Mahama was asked his opinions on the current state of music in the country, and specifically if he’s heard of rapper Sarkodie’s inflation ‘diss’ song towards him (You can listen below).

Sarkodie yesterday released a record called “Inflation” in which he attacked President Mahama’s government and questioned whether the president is really working for the interest of Ghana or not. With lines like “Kufuor mpo ahunu so na moakofa pro / pro nso koo y3 a, nea obaa y3 de tro (Kufuor had difficulties running the country, and you brought on the professor [Atta Mills], after the professor his successor has been abysmal)” , which explicitly questions the president’s competence.

Sarkodie didn’t stop there, he reminded the president about the current state of the cedi saying:

‘I hope ba biara dollar no aduro no w’aso ate (I hope you are aware of the performance of the cedi against the US dollar’).

When speaking about Sarkodie, the president of the nation called the BET award winner the most overrated rapper Ghana has even seen.

“I don’t quite understand what he wants to accomplish with his music.

“He has some good songs, but he’s at best an average musician. He should focus on music that brings unity and uplifts the spirit of the good people of this country as we experience a short term economic challenge. I must say the song is very funny. He is a genius in that regard, but in the grand scheme of things, I will not consider him a good rapper or a musician at that,” President Mahama said of Sarkodie.

President Mahama also sent a message to other musicians who are perhaps thinking about following Sarkodie’s footsteps in attacking him in their songs.

“I can’t stop you from doing what you want to do, but be careful with the words you use towards me, after all i am the first gentleman of this great nation and thus deserve some respect at minimum. I am not trying to stop people from exercising their freedom of speech, but in all reality, I do not appreciate disrespect in any form.”

Checkout Sarkodie’s  INFLATION HERE


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