Produce our Daughter – Janet Bandu’s Parents

Produce our Daughter - Janet Bandu’s Parents

While you may have many derogatory names for her, calling her all manner of names and making her the brunt of many irrelevant and ignorant jokes, to her parents, she is their little princess and they want her back home and safe!
Although Castro’s parents and family are also mourning their son and their hope slowly fading, many have also capitalized on this incident to have their moment in the sun and get popular ridding on this misfortune with many concocted and absurd stories, Janet’s family need to hold someone accountable and who is that person? Castro.

To them, Castro is the one who took their daughter to Ada which is the truth and so whether he is dead or alive, they want him to produce Janet!

“I will tell him [Castro] to look for my daughter for me,” mother of Janet Bandu told’s Samuel Bruce on Wednesday at her residence.

Janet’s parents also insist they will take legal action against Peace Holiday Resort in Ada where the two were lodging prior to the jet ski accident that led to their disappearance.

If Castro is alive anywhere, I pray he finds Janet before he shows his face because if he is ever found, he must produce her or face the consequences. And he must produce her ALIVE!

Janet’s mother is a waakye seller and her father is a retired soldier from the Upper East Region and she is the last of five children.

Many people may consider their stand wrong but who should they hold responsible?

I understand their point of view completely. I remember when my cousin died while having a baby for a man who wasn’t married to her; the man had to traditionally marry her before she was buried. It is the tradition of most Ghanaian tribes.

Anyway, at this point, do you think any of them will be found alive and should the family sue Peace Holiday Resort as well as Castro’s family?

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