Rockstone dismisses Newspaper publication on ‘Promzy’s grudge’

Rockstone dismisses Newspaper publication on 'Promzy's grudge'

Hiplife grandpapa Reggie Rockstone has dismissed a newspaper publication that alleges his influence in extricating a member of the formerly popular Ghanaian music trio, VIP.

“Hilarious! That’s what it is. Someone sent me the photo of the headline and I thought it was just ridiculous.”

The paper, the Clock, last week reported that former VIP member Promzy in an interview accused Rockstone for masterminding “the plan” that resulted in his exit from the group.

“We were cool and had made plans for a new project we were about to get underway only for me to hear that I had been replaced by Reggie,” he told the paper.

But Reggie Rockstone in an exclusive interview with Starr Entertainment said he does not believe Promzy, who now prefers to be called Promzy Afrika would say a thing like that.

“I know Promzy and I don’t think he would say anything like that. I don’t believe it.”

The hiplife grandpapa also firmly stated that the now ‘solo artiste’ left VIP before he decided to join the group.

“Promzy knows he left the group weeyyy before I came in” he said emphatically, adding : “Actually my joining VIP started off as a joke on twitter and then it became a reality”.

He however expressed concern over what he decribed as the unprofessionalism on the part of the Newspaper that reported the story.

“When I saw the headline for the first time I started laughing and it amazed me because I thought they got balls. I mean nobody is suing anyone so they just do anything.”

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