Video: Lydia Forson condemns Amanda Acquah’s leaked tape!

Video: Lydia Forson condemns Amanda Acquah's leaked tape!

Actress Lydia Forson has strongly condemned the leakage of a sex tape alleged to belong to former wife of Black Stars player Afriyie Acquah.
In a facebook post, Lydia shares a video and also writes:

“At this point I don’t know any more… Why on earth would I want another woman’s nakedness on my phone? For what? If you want porn there are several professional sites out there, some even free for you”.

“But for what purpose would I want another woman’s private video to her husband on my phone”??

“If you have the video and have sent it to another person, know you’re as guilty as the one who leaked it because you’ve become a tool to further her agenda. You may convince yourself that it’s already out there so you’ve done nothing wrong, but you have. It’s out there because someone like you sent it to another person”

“What kind of people rejoice in another person’s downfall like that? Tell yourself she deserves it, tell yourself if she didn’t want it out there she wouldn’t have recorded it in the first place. But you know the beauty of Karma? It’s a bitch. So today I send Karma all the way to you, for every click or send Karma will be taking note”.

“You’ll be getting the call soon”.

© :Lydia Forson/facebook/ghanaweb 
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