Chris Brown shares thoughts on the deadly Ebola pandemic

Chris Brown shares thoughts on the deadly Ebola pandemic

American singer Chris Brown has shared his thoughts on the deadly Ebola pandemic, calling it a “form of population control.”

Taking to his Twitter account to air his views on the lethal Ebola pandemic which has gripped parts of West Africa and killed over 4,000 people, Brown is of the opinion it is not a disease of natural causes.

He suggested that Ebola had been purposefully manufactured and spread in several African countries and was therefore an acute way of reducing populations in the Ebola stricken countries of Liberia, Sierra Leone, Nigeria and Guinea.

Brown’s legions of Twitter fans who total 13,7 million seemed to agree with his sentiments. @cutitout tweeted in response: it’s definitely man made like AIDS. No doubt while @MissNimo_AX said: that’s what I said!!! Plus there’s a cure!!

Others were not so forgiving of Brown’s rant, @tiaramescudi tweeted: look at you tryna be deep and said @amirazizme: research Ebola. you have 13mil people following you. it could have a positive impact if you share your findings.


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