Pope Skinny Talks yahoo, Sakawa and $50,000 WU Control

Pope Skinny Talks yahoo, Sakawa and $50,000 WU Control

Rapper Pope Skinny has revealed he is one of the biggest campaigners who helped reduce internet fraud in Ghana.
The Y3ko Browse rapper in an interview expressed his disappointment in authorities who banned the campaign song from radio playlists.

“I’m not better than the scammers. He told Hitz FM. “that’s why I recorded Y3kor Browse, and that was the first time a Ghanaian song was banned from radio. That was 2007; sakawa was the order of the day, and people were scared. People were lying in coffins and stuff, and I decided as a musician to make a song to educate the youth. I made sakawa reduce among the youth. I made a song and went on an anti-fraud tour campaign because I made the youth realize they were other ways to make money.

“I use to browse. I have redrawn a lot of money from Western Union. As at 2007, I could redraw about $50,000. It wasn’t sakawa money. It was monies sent to me by my mom, my pen pals. I wasn’t browsing. I have never done sakawa and I have never gotten myself involved with rituals for money before. I was using Facebook, Yahoo like everyone. When you ask me how much I have redrawn from Yellow House which is Western Union, that is what I just said.”


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