Truth behind VVIP’s ‘Dogo Yaro’ must read, Reggie Rockstone explains

Truth behind VVIP's 'Dogo Yaro' must read, Reggie Rockstone explains

Music trio, VVIP released a song called Dogo Yaro and a video to go with it during the latter part of last year.

The song and video was well received by fans and music enthusiasts without knowing the story behind and why they chose to use the street slang Dogo Yaro. This is a word that is perceived to be one with a sexual connotation.
In an interview with Reggie Rockstone, a member of the music group said there was nothing wrong with people associating the word Dogo Yaro with sexual potency.

“There is nothing wrong with that, I mean it can mean that to whoever is concerned after all every man or woman wants or needs a strong partner.

“But Dogo Yaro is a word for the street, it literally means a tall young man, it is also used to represent someone strong. Those who are aware, know it, the name is nice.

“Actually, research taught us that there is a plant with that name and it has health benefits,” he said.

“Apart from that, the name is nice and catchy,” he added.

Listen and download DOGO YARO HERE

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