Who cheat most – Men or Women

Who cheat most - Men or Women

Who cheat most – Men or Women? 

Cheating is becoming more common among people mostly under 30. Many experts believe this increase in cheating is due to greater opportunity (time spent away from a spouse) and young people developing the habit of having multiple sexual partners before they get married.

Explanation is probably the most well known: Spouses cheat because of problems in their relationship – something is missing, passion has faded, partners feel lonely, people find someone who treats them better or who appreciates them more than their current spouse, and so on.

Who cheat most - Men or Women

As more and more women enter the work force, “office romances” are becoming more common. Spouses often spend more time with coworkers than with each other.
The internet, e-mail, and chat rooms are making it easier for people to engage in such acts.

Men are more likely to cheat than women. But, as women become more financially independent, women are starting to act more like men with respect to infidelity.

Simply stated, people claim that they are not happy in their relationship so they look for love and affection elsewhere.

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