Y FM’s Presenter kidnapping was staged, ”Ms Ada is not her real name” – Police

The Takoradi-based YFM presenter, who was allegedly abducted and raped by some unknown people, is in fact a Ghanaian and not a Nigerian as earlier believed.
Y FM's Presenter kidnapping was staged, ''Ms Ada is not her real name'' - Police

 She goes by the name Persis Naana Akosua Appiah Antwi and hails from Akim Oda despite having a Nigerian accent.

Another shocking piece of information stumbled upon is that the alleged incident took place in Accra.

Parents of the victim, having heard the disturbing news and seen pictures of their loved one, visited the hospital to see how well she is responding to treatment and later stormed the Western Regional Police Command with the startling piece of information claiming their daughter is not called Adaeze Onyinyechie Ayoka.

Superintendent Reuben Asiwoko, the Western Regional Police Crime Officer, confirmed this in an interview a short while ago during PeaceFM News @ 6pm.

“I must stress that the lady who was allegedly abducted and sexually assaulted is not called Adaeze Onyinyechie Ayoka. She is a Ghanaian by birth and not a Nigerian…we (Police) want to first clarify that erroneous report. In fact her parents come over here with evidence to buttress that piece of information,” he revealed.

Asked if its true the Inspector General of Police has asked that Ada’s case, which is gradually tyrning into a spectacularly well planned and executed fraud perpetrated on the Ghanaian people, be brought to Accra for further investigations is true, Supt. Asiwoko replied in the affirmative.

“…we (Police) believe the whole incident, whether it was staged or indeed happened as has been claimed by the lady took place in Accra…therefore since the jurisdiction was outside of Takoradi, the lady is being transferred to Accra for further investigations,” he stated.

Krobo Girls High School

In a related development, Naana Akosua Appiah Antwi aka Adaeze Onyinyechie Ayoka aka Princess Ada, has been described by some of her classmates in secondary school as someone noted for concocting stories.

Identified as an old student of the Krobo Girls Senior High School at Odumase Krobo in the Eastern region who read General Arts, Ada reportedly enrolled in 2005 but was expelled in her final year in 2008 for alleged theft, according to some of her classmates’ accounts.

She responded to the nickname “Arrested Teenager.”

She is said to have once faked an asthma attack just to escape punishment while on another occasion, she was said to have attempted pouring an acidic substance into the school’s water source to contaminate it but was caught before she could carry out that act.

Some said she used to run away from school to spend days out of campus and claimed to have been raped at a tender age.


Meanwhile, Peacefmonline.com can confirm that initial tests and observations on the victim, who was receiving medical attention at the GHAPOHA Hospital in Takoradi, have been forwarded to the Police Hospital in Accra.

Blood samples have also been taken to ascertain whether she was indeed raped.

Doctors at the GHAPOHA Hospital have deferred comments on their initial observations to the Police Hospital in Accra. It is believed that based on what they have done so far, the medical team cannot conclude that the lady was sexually assaulted.

source: peacefmonline.com

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